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[Polyester spinning machine's specific characteristics and composition]
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Polyester is one of the most widely used chemical fiber products in daily life, so the demand of polyester spinning machine will also greatly increase. Today, we Ronghua textile machinery to explain to you, the specific characteristics and composition of polyester spinning machine, hope For your help!

Polyester spinning machine is mainly used for spinning 75 ~ 300 denier polyester filament. The raw material for the polyester chips.

Polyester spinning machine basic parameters:

 Finished fineness: 75 ~ 300 (once)

 Mechanical speed (maximum): 3500m / min

Process speed (maximum): 3200m / min

Each part of the number of tows: 8,10,12 beam

Polyester spinning machine main features:

The new side of the wind system, uniform and stable wind speed, dry fiber good;

For veneer or fiber spinning technology;

Uniform and stable wind ring hair, side hair series cooling system;

Use of new energy-saving spinning box, energy-saving than ordinary spin-box;

Improved components and spinneret structure, improved fiber density uniformity after fiber division;

Equipped with high-quality, fully automatic reel changer with extremely high switching success rates and excellent underfill unwinding and over tail performance.

Polyester spinning machine mainly composed of:

1, screw extruder

2, melt filter

3, spinning boxes and components

4, biphenyl generator and piping system

5, metering pump and transmission

6, side hair and oil system

7, corridor

8, air conditioning unit

9, winding rack

10, winding machine

11, electronic control system: screw pressure control cabinet, spinning box temperature control cabinet, metering pumps, oil pump frequency counters, winding frequency counters and conventional electrical control systems.

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