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[Industrial Internet led intelligent manufacturing]
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On November 29, some analysts said that vigorously supporting China's industrial internet development will foster the development of new momentum for smart manufacturing and promote the integration of manufacturing and the Internet.

"At present, in the face of fierce international competition, accelerating the pace of industrial interconnection is of great significance to the development of advanced manufacturing in China, and Industrial Internet will promote the deep integration of the national real economy with the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence," said Yang Chunli. He is a researcher at the China Electronics and Information Industry Development Institute, a government think tank in Beijing.

On November 27, the State Council of China issued a directive on forming 3-5 industrial Internet platforms: By 2025, the platform will reach international standards; by 2035, the platform will lead the world in key areas.

China also made it clear that by 2020, about 10 cross-industry platforms will be built to help enterprises make digital transformation. Industrial interconnection refers to connecting advanced machines, networked sensors, and big data analytics in a joint effort to improve productivity and increase the reliability of industrial production.

Prospects Industry Research Institute predicts that by 2025, China's industrial Internet market will exceed 10.8 trillion yuan (1.64 trillion US dollars). This year's data has not been released yet.

"In order to strengthen the global competitiveness of the Internet and manufacturing industries, China must cultivate a national platform as an important pillar for the future industrial transformation, and key industries such as automotive, digital, energy and aviation will become key areas for building national platforms "Yang Lichun said.

In a recent report by the Industrial Internet Industry Coalition, China's industrial internet is still in its infancy and a group of Chinese companies, including Sany Heavy Industry, began to engage in the field only a few years ago.

Prior to this, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology selected 206 smart manufacturing pilot demonstration projects, of which 28 projects related to industrial Internet innovation.

The report said that nowadays, U.S. companies have built 50% of the industrial platforms in the world and there is still a long way to go in terms of functionality, commercialization and ecological integration between China and the developed countries.

Yang Lichun also pointed out that some enterprises, including Genyun and Haier Group, have made some achievements in the industrial internet. However, as they mostly focus on specific vertical areas, the users and resources of the platform are limited and are far short of that of General Electric's Predix And Siemens world-leading industrial platform such as MindSphere.

"However, most of the industrial platforms in the world are still in the early stages of commercialization and this market is still to be developed. It can be said that China and developed countries are on the same starting line."

"Although some companies started laying the Industrial Internet very early, they have only just developed their own products and their service system needs to be further improved," she said.

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