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[Ronghua polypropylene production line of the main features]
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Polypropylene production line is mainly used for spinning 100 ~ 2000 denier strong polypropylene filament, the product is fully oriented drawing yarn (FDY). The raw material for polypropylene chips.

Polypropylene Cape is mainly used for: silk curtains, sofa cloth and other office furniture with cloth, as well as luggage belt, Simmons package with the edge, rope and other fields.

The main components of polypropylene production line

1, automatic feeding machine

2, Masterbatch injection machine

3, screw extruder

4, pre-filter (selected by the user)

5, spinning boxes and components

6, metering pump and transmission

7, side hair and corridor

8, stretch heat roller

9, winding rack and nozzle (tanker) oiling device

10, network device

11, automatic winding machine

12, electronic control system: screw pressure control cabinet, spin box temperature control cabinet, draft temperature control cabinet, draft frequency counter, winding frequency counter and conventional electrical control systems.

The main features of polypropylene production line

1. Can be used in the field of recycled materials

2. High-frequency heat roller can be used to heat, low energy consumption, heat roller temperature uniformity

3. Side blowing wind speed and stability

4 polypropylene production line running stable, low failure rate, easy operation and maintenance

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