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[Great National Equipments to write a new height made in China]
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Standing at the beginning of 2018, looking back at 2017, this is a year full of fruits. In the field of manufacturing, C919 first flight, high-speed rail Renaissance departure, the first ship designed and built the first successful launch ... ... high-end devices continue to break God into the earth omnipotent, made in China once again demonstrated its great, but also lead the world Marvel

Nowadays, as China develops faster and faster, it needs more and more high-end heavy equipment, which is undoubtedly a test for China's manufacturing industry. In this issue, Equipment Weekly will take stock of major equipment in 2017 and select 9 items in a large number of large-scale equipment. During the review, we again taste the solid industrial foundation, comprehensive supporting system and thriving innovation in the manufacturing industry in our country ability. From this we can expect that 2018 Chinese manufacturing has the ability to create new glories.

"Deep Sea Warrior" 4500-meter manned submarine passed the acceptance

"Eleventh Five-Year" Plan 863 "4500 meters manned submersibles integrated integration of sea technology" project November 30, 2017 through the Ministry of Science and Technology Organization of the acceptance.

"4500 meters manned submersible overall integration" issue by CSIC 702 led the implementation of the organization. 4500 meters manned submersible can lead a group of deep-sea technology and the development of general industry, greatly improving the localization rate of equipment. Calculated based on funding lines, 4500 meters manned submersible localization rate of 95%. Improve the localization rate also greatly reduces the operating costs and improve the scientific evalsuation of cost-effective. "Preliminary estimates, the cost of each potential submarine itself is about 20% of the dragon." Hu Zhen said that next year 4500-meter manned submersible to begin experimental applications, the cost will be further statistical analysis.

    "4500-meter manned submersibles have unique advantages over international similar submersibles in terms of electrical energy, submerged velocity, acoustic communication and automatic control." Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Deep Sea Science and Engineering, Ding resist said.

Acceptance at the meeting, 15 experts gave advice: the subject of the development process broke through the titanium manned module, ultra-high pressure seawater pumps, low noise propeller, hydraulic source, rechargeable lithium batteries, buoyancy materials and other key technologies. Through the implementation of the project, China's deep-manned deep submersible technology and equipment manufacturing made breakthroughs, fully equipped with the ability to independently research and manufacture deep-sea manned submersibles.

"4,500-meter manned submersible not only for our country has been put into use 'dragon' number of technical updates, is being developed by the meter-class manned submersible laid the foundation for manufacturing in China also marks the depth of marine technology already has its own R & D capabilities. "Ding Kang said.

C919 first flight of large aircraft

China's new generation of large passenger aircraft C919 bit by bit progress has affected the hearts of Chinese. On May 5, 2017, with more than 4,000 spectators and cheers from around the world, the C919 finally got its head into the thick clouds above Shanghai's Pudong Airport. This is the first air show of China's first commercial trunk aircraft with completely independent intellectual property rights.

C919 is China's mainline aircraft that is developed in full accordance with the international mainstream airworthiness standards and the international mainstream market operation standards and started to develop in 2008. In July 2017, the second large-scale domestic flight test aircraft C919 piloted on-board functional test. On September 28, 2017, C919 producer China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. signed 130 C919 orders at the 17th Beijing International Air Show, after C919 orders totaled 730. On November 10, 2017, the first aircraft of the C919 took off from Runway 4 at Shanghai's Pudong International Airport and successfully arrived at Xi'an Yanliang Airport, which was 1,300 kilometers away, completing its first long-distance transitional flight.

On December 17, 2017, the second C919 passenger plane completed its first flight at Shanghai's Pudong International Airport, which meant that the C919 large passenger aircraft gradually opened up a new phase of a full-scale test flight.

Compared with the international mainstream passenger aircraft of the same level, C919 occupies a leading position in many fields. The development of C919 embodies the painstaking efforts of hundreds of thousands of researchers in China.

At 8:00 a.m. December 17, 2017, the C919 large-scale passenger plane piloted at the hangar of the pilot aircraft hangs slowly to the 4th runway of Shanghai's Pudong International Airport where it was on standby for the first flight test. Compared to 101 aircraft, this aircraft is entirely developed by China Commercial Aircraft.

This is another important progress made after the first aircraft was transferred to Xi'an in November, meaning that two C919 aircraft have entered the state of test flight and the project has entered a new phase of full-scale test flight.

"Revival" high-speed rail departure

On September 21, 2017, "Renaissance" took the lead in opening a new speed of 350km / h on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail line. The "China's Standard" independently developed by mature commercial operators led the world with mature commercial transportation.

Experts stress that exactly 350km operating speed opened by "Renaissance" is not a simple "recovery", not a plausible "return", but a "speed-up under the protection of new safety technical standards" "Renaissance" also means more than just a new car. It is a sign of acceleration at a time. It carries the core technical capabilities that the modern Chinese nation has been struggling to pursue in its century-old industrial modernization. This train goes to the future.

"Revival" can wind power "the world's fastest" effective in a cutting-edge technology --- wind tunnel. Have the most perfect time and again wind tunnel test data, in order to have the most perfect Chinese motor car overall design. Including "per capita energy consumption per hundred kilometers down about 17%", the carriage is more wide and more people can sit more, are also closely related with this. More importantly, safety. Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Rail "Renaissance" is not blindly pursuing high-speed, but "high speed and high security and reunification."

Another core technical capability is traction power supply. It is a world-class problem that how to change the power supply from the grid to the connected traction equipment similar to the tram "pigtail" into driving power suitable for traction trains.

There is noise. The noise in the "Renaissance" car was significantly lower than that of "Harmony" and also dropped at the junction of the driver's cab and carriage. This is also hard. The noise drop is also not only related to the comfort of passengers, but also reflects the tightness of the car compartment from one aspect, which in turn involves more important safety.

"Revival" come up with a set of core technologies of independent intellectual property rights.

When you ride the "Renaissance", to see a more sharp head car, a higher body, a wider compartment, whisper even more clearly, the knee does not touch the front seats, 8 more seats to sit In fact, behind all have a cutting-edge technology support. The derailment coefficient of "Renaissance" is 0.2 ~ 0.3, the international standard is 0.8; the stationarity index is about 2.0, and the international standard below 2.5 is superior; the evalsuation standard of "Renaissance" is 600,000 km and the European standard is 400,000 Km; "Renaissance" design life is 30 years, beyond the original "Harmony" for 20 years, and Europe's 20 years or 30 years standards ... ... These are "Chinese standards." China is by no means limited to speed but in "integrated integration." "Renaissance" is the core technology capability of a complete set of independent intellectual property rights, to achieve a major breakthrough in integrated innovation, occupy the commanding height of the global industry upstream, thus historic bid farewell to run, a leader.

The first self-designed aircraft carrier successfully launched

On the morning of April 26, 2017, the launching ceremony of China's second aircraft carrier was held at China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Dalian Shipyard. China's second aircraft carrier, China's first self-designed and built domestic aircraft carrier, there is no exact name

China has always adhered to the path of peaceful development and firmly pursued an independent foreign policy of peace and a defensive national defense policy. The ship is being built in Dalian, the displacement of about 50,000 tons, the use of conventional power plant; equipped with domestic J-15 aircraft and other types of carrier-based aircraft, fixed-wing aircraft with a sliding take-off; the ship will be equipped to meet the mission needs Of all types of equipment. The design and construction of the second aircraft carrier has absorbed the beneficial experience of "Liaoning ship" scientific experiments and training. In many aspects, new improvements and improvements will be made. Core systems such as new radar, communications and weapons will all adopt the latest models in China.

Ministry of National Defense spokesman Wu Qian said at a press conference that the development of China's first domestic aircraft carrier is proceeding as planned. At present, the design work has been completed and the main hull has been closed and formed in the dock. Construction of equipment such as equipment installation and outfitting is under way jobs. The second domestic aircraft carrier built tonnage may be larger. Because of the cabin to be re-adjusted, the cabin layout redesign. So this ship is completely self-redesign. Will follow the original ship, because it involves some of its fluid dynamics features, stability and so on. However, the tonnage is slightly larger, mainly increasing the hangar area of the aircraft and increasing its maintenance workshop. In addition, it increases the reserve capacity of ammunition and oil and water to make it more capable of self-sustaining at sea with more fighter aircraft to combat capability Stronger.

The first flight of the amphibious aircraft AG600 was successful

On December 24, 2017, "Kunlong" AG600, China's first large-scale firefighting / water-rescue amphibious aircraft piloted by China Aviation Industry Corporation, took off at Zhuhai Jinwan Airport. After 64-minute flight completion of the scheduled test flight, the safety Return to landing. During the flight, all systems of the aircraft functioned normally and were in good condition. The mission of the first flight was a complete success.

AG600 is the first large-scale special purpose aircraft developed according to China Civil Aviation Airworthiness Regulations. It is a much needed aviation equipment urgently needed by China's national emergency rescue system and can adapt to 75% of the sea conditions in the South China Sea. It can even be circled to the southernmost Zengsha Bay.

At the same time, it is also the world's largest tonnage of amphibious aircraft, the maximum take-off weight of 53.5 tons, the body length of 36.9 meters, wingspan 38.8 meters, single hull, cantilever single wing layout, four WJ-6 engine, The first three points retractable landing gear.

The successful first flight of AG600 marks a major breakthrough in the research and development capabilities of China's aviation industry for special purpose aircraft and is another important milestone in the development of China's civil aviation industry following C919's successful first flight.

Tens of thousands of researchers in over 20 universities and colleges, more than 150 enterprises and institutions in China and more than 10 colleges and universities participated in the project development. 98% of the whole machine structure and system components of more than 50,000 were provided by domestic suppliers , More than 90% of on-board finished products are made in China, and more than 20 system-level finished product suppliers have been trained, giving full play to the leading role of large-scale aircraft projects.

AG600 according to "amphibious, a multi-type machine, a series of development," design ideas, both on land take-off and landing, but also take off and land on the water, water and fire in the many trips back and forth between water and fire extinguishing, forest fire , Special fire extinguishing efficiency is high, within 20 seconds can draw a water 12 tons, a single water area of ?? up to 4,000 square meters; rescue capability of the sea can be quickly responded to quickly reach the implementation of rescue operations in complex weather conditions , Take off and land anti-wave ability of not less than 2 meters, once rescue 50 people in distress at sea. At the same time, through the series development and improvement of retrofitting, AG600 can also be modified according to the needs of users and install the necessary equipment to meet the marine environment monitoring and protection, resource exploration, reef transportation and other mission needs.

China Construction "Tian Kun" into the water

Following the domestic big aircraft, another "big heavy equipment" grand debut. Construction of China's cross built 6600 kilowatt cutter heavy duty self-propelled cutter cutter dredger "days Kun" November 3, 2017 launch of the excavation of rock compressive strength up to 50 MPa; mud pump delivery power of 17000 Kilowatt, dredging 6000 cubic meters per hour, the maximum row distance of 15000 meters. Moreover, the delivery schedule of "Tian Kun" has been clarified: it has been in the stage of equipment commissioning, airworthiness was carried out in April 2018, and delivery was completed in July 2018.

It is understood that China Communications Construction has the world's largest dredging company - China Communications Dredging (Group) Co., Ltd., has gone through 120 years of history.

Since China's accession to the WTO in 2001, a new wave of construction boom has been set off in the coastal ports. The watercourse has been continuously deepened and deepened. The geological conditions in the seabed are more complicated and the sediment transport distance is longer. Therefore, the enlargement of dredging equipment has been put forward higher Request.

This has also given birth to the dredging industry in China for more than 10 years of golden development period. With CCCC as its representative national dredging team, it has devoted enormous manpower and material resources. With more than 100 years of dredging equipment dredging equipment management and experience, it has explored ways to promote dredging equipment Localization of the road.

"Tian Kun" is the largest of its kind in Asia and is completely self-developed and independently built by China. It has become the most representative modern dredging engineering ship in the world. This earth-shaking changes make the industry are unimaginable, behind the increasingly powerful overall Chinese manufacturing as a support.

The world's first smart ship set sail

On October 31, 2017, the first intelligent vessel built by CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., China Shipbuilding I-dolphin 38,800 tons of intelligent bulk carrier, set sail for trial. It is the first ship in the world to apply for CYBER-SAFE, CYBER-PER-FORM and CYBER-MAINTAIN, the world's first LR classification ship, A ship constructed and applied for CCS Smart Ship Code I-SHIP (NMEI) according to the CCS Smart Ship Code has achieved world-class technical performance. The successful launch of the ship marks the arrival of an intelligent ship and an intelligent shipping era.

It is understood that intelligent ship based on "big data", the use of real-time data transmission and collection, high-capacity computing, digital modeling, remote control and other advanced information technology to achieve intelligent ship perception, judgments and analysis and decision-making and control , So as to better ensure the sailing safety and efficiency of the ship.

Green dolphin Idolphin 38,800 tons of intelligent bulk carrier is based on SmartDrops of GreenDolphin 38,800 tons bulk carrier, the installation of a ship operation and maintenance system (SOMS) and intelligent navigation system, to achieve the functions of intelligent navigation, intelligent cabin, intelligent energy efficiency management , So that ship operations more in line with safety, environmental protection, economic needs of the times.

Idolphin 38,800 tons of intelligent bulk carrier developed by the CSSC independent investment, which lasted 3 years, which consists of its subsidiary Huangpu Wenchong Ship Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute, China Shipbuilding (Systems Engineering Institute of Marine Engineering, Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., China Shipbuilding Research Institute and other units of the joint LR, CCS jointly completed the development of the ship to achieve the covers the overall design of intelligent ships, assembly and installation, key systems and equipment, standards and specifications of the four fields of research to engineering and real ship The whole chain of demonstration and verification has become a vivid practice of implementing the innovation-driven development strategy in the shipbuilding industry.

"Weapons large car" NTE260 successfully off the assembly line

With the advancing of the "Belt and Road" national strategy, the "going global" of Chinese equipment is also accelerating. July 12, 2017, North Heavy Group North shares electric wheel and wheel vehicles with reliable quality, cost-effective suddenly

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