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[This 12 types of textile machinery to fire this year, for whom you call?]
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Since last year, the textile machinery market generally pick up the situation, many business orders are over-done. This year, structural reforms on the supply side of the textile industry will continue to deepen, and the variety and quality of textile machinery equipment have drawn more and more attention.

Based on relevant industry statistics and market performance in 2017 and based on the actual demand of the textile industry in 2018, we boldly forecast that the market for Class 12 textile machinery and representative products is expected to be better, and our analysis and interpretation will be conducted.

1. Thickness contact system

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In the current textile industry is facing recruitment difficulties, the high cost of employing the case, the thickness of the contact system can save labor more obvious advantages, a number of companies in recent years Coarse and thin, fine network and other textile machinery and equipment sales increased significantly, but also reflect Out of the device's strong market demand. Coarse and fine system to complex operation becomes easy, but also can achieve a number of yarn library networked control. Taken together, the system of thickness and thickness is expected to become a continuous bright spot in the textile machinery market in 2018.

2. Closely packed spinning device

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As the assembly of yarn with less hairiness, the same by the weft into a cloth breathable, cloth smooth, smooth and so on, has become the ideal high-grade yarn with yarn. Set spinning for knitting, greatly reducing the knitting yarn breakage rate; will gather spinning technology for yarn-dyed, can reduce the weft thick, improve the cloth effect. In the current industry as a whole economy is not running well under the circumstances, the user business on the yarn quality requirements continue to rise, and gather spinning just to meet these requirements.

Spinning aids

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In recent years, the complete sets of equipment for cotton spinning continue to develop in the direction of high output, high speed, automation, continuity and informatization. The monitoring and management technology based on the Internet platform has been continuously improved and the "spinning smart factory" has taken shape. Host, special equipment, spinning process only with each other, in order to meet the changing needs of spinning. Nowadays, the demand for intelligent spinning devices is on the rise, and the spinning auxiliary devices with them will also reach the peak of development.

Digital printing machine

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With more and more personalized custom textiles into the lives of consumers, digital printing cloth production increased year by year, digital inkjet printing machine production will achieve rapid growth, a new generation of high-speed digital printing equipment is expected to be to promote the textile Printing industry restructuring and upgrading, enhance the international competitiveness of products an important force. Industry experts suggest that key enterprises with innovative capabilities and research and development strength should stick to the high-end development route, prefer to research and manufacture high-end equipment, and promote high-speed and ultra-high speed digital printing equipment, including digital printing + circular (flat) , And provide users with a full range of solutions.

5 low-energy than low-energy dyeing machine

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The rapid development of the knitted fabrics market, the overflow dyeing machine that drives the low liquor ratio, the low energy consumption air dyeing machine and the gas-liquid dyeing machine of both are becoming the main products of various equipment manufacturers. The water-saving, efficient continuous pre-treatment equipment and knitted fabric finishing equipment has also been welcomed by the market in recent years. It is estimated that such equipment will continue its good momentum in 2018.

6. Stenter shaping machine

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The range of application of stenter machines extends from traditional woven fabric to knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics and other types of fabrics. In addition to the renewal demand brought by environmental pressure, the market demand is large in recent years and is expected to remain in the next three years 1200 units / year or even higher production. However, it should be noted that due to rising demand, prompting many companies to enter the stencil making machine manufacturing industry, the industry should be prevented in advance overcapacity phenomenon.

7. Full-shape computer flat knitting machine

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Consumers trend increasingly keen touch, the pursuit of high-quality products are also continuously hot, fully-formed computer flat knitting machine has become the main equipment to replace the traditional flat knitting machine. With the continuous improvement of manufacturing technology of knitting computerized flat knitting machines, technologies such as rapid turning of headstock, dynamic density, zero waiting for needle bed shifting, multi-stitch spacing and other technologies have been continuously improved. The production and sales of computer flat knitting machines in 2017 were very bright Eye, from the backbone of the industry, the order situation can also be seen, fully computerized flat knitting machine in 2018 will maintain the best-selling condition.

8 uppers

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A breakthrough in the vamp machine process greatly reduces the manufacturing process of the vamp and makes the vamp directly and sole forming, which can save 90% of the vamp needle workers in the factory and can also save the cost of various raw materials such as glue and the like Reduce business costs. In 2017, the upper flat knitting machine gradually opened up markets in Guangdong, Wenzhou, Hebei and other traditional shoe-making areas and the market demand is expected to remain high in 2018. In the long run, shoe-making enterprises will be more rational in purchasing upper machine, pay more attention to quality, sales of low-end equipment begin to decrease, and high-end equipment will have more market space.

9. Air-jet looms

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Affected by such factors as the adjustment of national financial and financial policies, the increase of raw material prices, the replenishment of downstream enterprises, the change of fabric varieties, the replacement of used machines and the restoration of financial policies of the major international import markets for textile machinery, the air-jet looms Demand continues to grow. With the continuous improvement of the individual needs of users, with the advantages of modular, versatile, high-speed, energy-saving air-jet looms will be more user companies favor.

10 plus machine

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As domestic textile machinery enterprises continue to make breakthroughs in research and development of cantering machines, cost-effective domestically produced high-end machines have gradually broken the monopoly of foreign products on the high-end machine market. Many domestically produced plus machine overall technology has reached the international advanced level, but also successfully opened the domestic market of high-end machine. In 2017, some domestic R & D and manufacturing textile machinery enterprises have full orders. The market share of high-performance, low-energy and individual high-end equipments is gradually increasing. The head of the enterprises is responsible for the market of 2018 The situation is also more optimistic.

11. Spunlace production line

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Benefited from the rapid development of spunlaced nonwovens industry, spunlace non-woven equipment has also been developed rapidly in recent years. The domestic spunlace products mainly made by our company are continuously expanding the scale of production, reducing the production cost and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises by investing in 10,000-ton spunlace production lines with faster production and higher output. Others, on the other hand, have developed differentiated and functional products by way of processing, thereby maintaining their advantages in competition in certain specialized fields. This in turn has led to a substantial increase in the demand and requirements for spunlace equipment. Overall, nonwovens machinery manufacturers are generally optimistic about the sales situation of the spunlace production line in 2018. Some enterprises that used to focus on acupuncture production line are also eager to do so.

Energy-saving equipment

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Textile equipment industry, the small-scale enterprises, the product is small, but great accomplishments. China's textile equipment industry can provide all kinds of equipment needed for the textile industry. Although there are still some disparities compared with the advanced countries in the world in terms of the level of some products and the advanced nature of technology, there have been many enterprises in recent years To the international advanced level, the future is good.

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