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[Chemical Fiber Standardization Technical Committee established four sub-committees]
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Recently, the China Chemical Fiber Standardization Technical Committee announced in Pingdingshan that it has established four sub-technical committees: Bio-based Chemical Fiber Sub-Technical Committee, High-Performance Chemical Fiber Sub-Technical Committee, Recycling Chemical Fiber Sub-Technical Committee and Polyester Fiber Sub-Technical Committee (below) Referred to as "sub-committee"). More than 150 representatives from chemical fiber enterprises, universities, research institutes and testing institutions from all over the country were elected as members of the sub-contractors.

Guan Xiaorui, secretary-general of the China Chemical Fiber Association Standardization Committee, expressed the hope that the sub-standard committee will give full play to the role of the standardization committee of the Chemical Fiber Association, and at the same time stimulate the standardization work of the chemical fiber sub-sectors, and better play through the innovation and improvement of the organizational structure. Standard basic technical support.

Duan Xiaoping, vice president of the China National Textile and Apparel Council and president of the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, has always attached great importance to the standardization work of the chemical fiber industry and served as the director of the Standardization Committee of the China Chemical Fiber Association. He emphasized the importance of forming the standards of the association.

“Standards can be taken first. The number and types of products in the chemical fiber industry have increased in the past few years. The standards at that time could not meet the development needs of the industry. Therefore, in 2011, the China Chemical Fiber Association took the lead in launching research and formulation of the standards of the association. It is recognized by the market. From the perspective of international standardization, foreign industries are mainly based on group standards and third-party standards, and China's industry standards will soon be in line with international standards. Under this background, the research on association group standards should be further strengthened in the future. At the same time, as the industry products are further enriched and the degree of differentiation continues to increase, the standards of the Chemical Fiber Association will be an important starting point for promoting the high-quality development of the chemical fiber industry in China.” Duan Xiaoping said.

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